26 апреля 2013

1. Purchases of ultrasonic scanners

In 2012 the volume of the import of Us-scanners to RF was $476,5mln which is for 33% more than the similar figure for 2011. In 2011 Russia imported the Us-scanners for the amount of $359mln which is for 33% more that in 2010 and for 50% more than in 2009. For comparison, the import of the goods from the foreign countries to RF increased for 4,4% in 2012 in comparison with 2011.
The rating of the countries-manufacturers supplying their scanners to Russia is the following:

1. Korea (Medison, Samsung Medison, GE, Siemens) - 22%
2. Japan (Hitachi, Toshiba, GE) - 20%
3. USA (Philips, Siemens, GE, Sonosite) - 19%
4. China (Mindray, GE, Sonoscape, etc.) - 13%
5. Italy (Esaote) - 8%

In total almost 30 countries of origin of Us-scanners and of accessories to them were revealed according to Custom Declaration list as well as about half a hundred manufacturers. More than 80% of all shipments in the value terms fall on the first five countries of the rating stated above. Korea is on the first place in this rating. Three largest supplies of Us-scanners in 2012 also belong to the Korean manufacturers. It should be also noted that according to the results of the first half of 2012 the first place in the rating was occupied by Japan, and Korea was only on the 4th place.
Nearly dozen and a half of originally Chinese manufacturers such as Mindray, Sonoscape, Chison, SIUI, Well-D, Edan, Landwind, Emperor and others exported their scanners to Russia. The share of Us-scanners of these manufacturers in the value terms was 70% from the total volume of the Russian import of Us-scanners from China. It should be noted the appearance of such famous Chinese manufacturers as Landwind and Emperor on the Russian market.

2. Supplies of the Chinese Us-scanners to Russia

In 2012 the volume of the Chinese export of Us-scanners to Russia grew for 60% in comparison with 2011. This growth is explained mostly by the activity of the transnational companies – the world-known manufacturers of Us-scanners. The following firms should be referred to such manufacturers first of all: GE Medical Systems (China) Co., Ltd., as well as Shanghai Aloka Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. and Philips joint venture – Philips and Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd.
The following manufacturers can be noted from originally Chinese companies:
- Shenzhen Mindray Bio-medical Electronics Co., Ltd. (Minfray)
- Sonoscape Company Limited (Sonoscape)
- Chison Medical Imaging Co., Ltd. (Chison)
- Shantou Institute of Ultrasonic Instruments Co. (SIUI)
- Xuzhou Kaixin Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd. (Kaixin)
- Shenzhen Well.D Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. (Well-D)
- Shenzhen Emperor Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (Emperor)
- Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co., Ltd. (Bestman)
- Shenzhen Comen Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. (Comen)
- Shenzhen Landwind Industry Co., Ltd. (Landwind)

3. Slowdown of China

Although the Chinese manufacturers continue to increase the supplies of the scanners to Russia, the lagging behind of the rates of the sales growth was observed last year. Such slowdown was characteristic for the leaders of the Russian market – Mindray and Sonoscape. We think the slowdown of Mindray was caused by the lack of the new models of Us-scanners that are able to compete with and complement a number of well-established models DC-3 and DC-7. In spite of this the company Mindray is leading in supplies of the ultrasonic scanners to Russia. The export volume of Mindray is almost 3 times higher than the export volume of Us-scanners to Russia of all Chinese manufacturers taken together.
Basing on the results of sales of Mindray Us-scanners by the firm Medic-Service, the leading distributor of Mindray during the last 4 years, it may be supposed that Mindray supplied more than 1500 ultrasonic scanners to the Russian market in 2012.

The rating Mindray Us-scanners supplied in 2012 is as follows in quantitative terms:

1) Mindray DC-7 (26% of the total number of Us-scanners supplied to Russia by Mindray) is an extension of the model range of DC-3 and DC-6. Mindray Us-scanner DC-7 differs from its predecessors in the following:
- big number of receiving and transmitting channels;
- number of elements in the probes was increased till 192;
- availability of three-dimensional images in real time (4D);
- ability to save more than 240 thous. images in the memory;
- availability of a second multi-function touch display as well as the presence of a large number of new functions many of which are original. DC-7 is characterized by the optimal ration “user characteristics – price”.
2) Mindray DC-3 (22%) - one of the most wide-spread, and probably the most wide-spread, stationary Us-scanner with the color Doppler in Russia. The reliability of DC-3 is the highest.
3) Mindray M-5 (13%) – a portable Us-scanner with the color Doppler which is practically similar to DC-7 by its characteristics.
4) Mindray DP-50 (12%) – a portable Us-scanner with a black and white LC display.
5) Mindray DP-6600 (10%) – a portable Us-scanner with a black and white monitor on CRT which was on the first place in the rating of sales of Mindray ultrasonic scanners 4-5 years ago.
The latest development - Mindray DC-8 model, registered in Russia last year and positioned as an expert class model, is so far on the seventh place with 5% in the stated rating.
In total, some slowdown in sales growth rates of Mindray ultrasonic scanners on the Russian market in 2012 can be considered as a period of accumulation forces before a new breakthrough.

4. Hitachi Aloka Medical again in the leaders

After the failure in the first half year of 2011, caused by the union of two manufacturers Hitachi Medical Corporation and Aloka Co., Ltd., the incorporated company Hitachi Aloka Medical Ltd. is steadily increasing the supplies of its ultrasonic scanners to Russia.
The ultrasonic scanner Hitachi Hi Vision Avius may be of interest for the private medical centers and for the highly qualified private practitioners as well as Aloka Alpha 6.
Hitachi Hi Vision Avius, a digital ultrasonic scanner of the expert class, has a number of advantages over its closest competitors as follows:

- high image quality typical in all time and for all models of Hitachi Us-scanners;
- powerful, high-speed and depth sensitive Doppler;
- qualitative harmonics and traditionally excellent sonoelastografiya;
- attractive design;
- easy to manage and easy to use;
- a large variety of Hitachi-made standard and specialized sensors;
- original technologies of ultrasonic imaging.

Aloka Alpha 6, a digital ultrasonic high-class scanner for general and cardiologic examination, has the following technologies:

- DDD - dynamic dual display;
- eFlow - enhanced color Doppler mapping;
- KI – kinetic image;
- A-SMA – automatic segment analysis myocardial motion;
- eTracking – calculation of parameters of vessels;
- WI – calculation of the intensity of wave;
- FMD – methodology of flow-mediated dilation;
- EFV – panorama scan;
- TDI – tissue Doppler;
- FAM – anatomical M-mode;
- Stress echo, etc.

The stated-above high and expert class ultrasonic scanners, characterized by the high quality, reliability, functionality and a relatively reasonable price, can be used successfully in the private medical institutions and by the private practitioners.

5. Conclusions

1. The increase of import supplies of ultrasonic scanners to Russia continues.
2. For the first time Korea is on the first place in the rating of the countries - suppliers ultrasonic scanners. The largest supplies of ultrasonic scanners also fall on the Korean manufacturers.
3. Growth rates of supplies of the Chinese ultrasonic scanners are ahead of the overall growth rates, although the slowing of these rates is observed.
4. Mindray is the leader of supplies of the ultrasonic scanners in quantitative terms.
5. The Japanese manufacturer of the ultrasonic apparatuses – the firm Hitachi – regained its position on the Russian market.