Ultrasound scanners on the largest in Japan medical exhibition ITEM2014

10 сентября 2014

The annual exhibition International Technical Exhibition of Medical Imaging 2014 (ITEM2014) arranged by the Japan Medical Imaging and Radiological Systems Industries Association (JIRA) http://www.jira-net.or.jp/ took place in the Pacifico Yokohama exhibition center from April 11 till April 13 in the city of Yokohama. As in the last year, the leading Japanese manufacturers of medical equipment: radiological equipment, CT, MRI, US-scanners and associated devices, participated in ITEM2014. The exhibition area – 8508 m2. In 2013, 21559 specialists visited the exhibition. The number of participants was 136. In 2014, the number of participants was 162, the exhibition area was 8816 m2. The Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Economy as well as various medical associations sponsored the exhibition ITEM2014.

The list of manufacturers of US-scanners who participated in the exhibition is given below:

1. Philips Electronics Japan, Ltd.

Models of demonstrated US-scanners: EPIQ / CX50 XMATRIX / HD15

2. Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

Models: Aplio 500(TUS-A500) / Aplio 300(TUS-A300) / Aplio 200(TUS-A200)

Aplio 100(TUS-A100) / Viamo(SSA-640A)

3. Hitachi Medical Corporation (International Division) / Hitachi Aloka Medical, Ltd. Models: Arietta / Noblus

4. Siemens Japan K.K.

Diagnostic Ultrasound System

Models: ACUSON S2000 / ACUSON S3000 / ACUSON Freestyle

Associated apparatus for associated apparatus ABVS Module

5. GE Healthcare Japan Corporation

Models: VSCAN / Logic

6. Konica Minolta Health Care Co., Ltd.

Models: SONIMAGE 613 / SONIMAGE P3 (portable)

7. FUJIFILM Medical Co., Ltd.

The model name is not yet defined.

8. Altima Corp.

Ultrasound subsystem cQuest Cicada Subsystem

32/64 channel Embedded Ultrasound Platform cQuestDragonfly Subsystem